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Hand stamped horse/floral washer bracelet. Perfect gift for horse lovers any age.


.75” washer aluminum blank.

Rope color of your choice- pick 1 or 2 colors!

****The method to make and create each stamped piece is by using a hammer and a steel block. You select your tag, place it on the steel block and hammer each letter individually to create a word or phrase. You have to be very careful to line each letter/ word up with the next so its straight and even. But it's so much fun creating these keepsake key chains and jewelry, customizing names/ favorite phrases or inside jokes so people can carry them with them forever!! I can create something for ANY theme or occasion!! PM me and we can create something together by you picking the charms/ phrase/ chain style/ keychain/ clasp style and more!!! The options are ENDLESS !!

Horse Bracelet- Washer Bracelets- Horse Gifts

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