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Hand Stamped conversation heart Keychains! Great gift for Wives, girlfriends, daughters, boyfriends, friends, husband’s and more! (Inappropriate conversation heart requests welcome leave in notes at checkout)


1.5” aluminum heart tag1” color plated keyring- leave color request in check out notes!

Popular phrases: Be Mine (Pictured) Xoxo, Crazy 4 U (pictured), Lover, Love U (pictured), Soul Mate , Hot Stuff (pictured) Bff, Ur Hott (Pictured) Bite me, Kiss me (pictured), Hug me (pictured), Ur Cute (pictured), Custom - choose whatever conversation heart phrase you’d like.. Must be short like the phrases above!


Personalize this keychain by adding an initial tag at checkout!


Laurenbrookeshop719*****The method to make and create each stamped piece is by using a hammer and a steel block. You select your tag, place it on the steel block and hammer each letter individually to create a word or phrase. You have to be very careful to line each letter/ word up with the next so its straight and even. But it's so much fun creating these keepsake key chains and jewelry, customizing names/ favorite phrases or inside jokes so people can carry them with them forever!! I can create something for ANY theme or occasion!! PM me and we can create something together by you picking the charms/ phrase/ chain style/ keychain/ clasp style and more!!! The options are ENDLESS !!

Conversation Heart Keychains

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